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Orphan X by Gregg Hurwitz is a gripping thriller about Evan Smoak--a highly skilled assassin who used his skills to disappear and help people. But now, someone has found his whereabouts and will stop at nothing to eliminate him.
The Last Dawn by Joe Gannon takes place during a vicious civil war in El Salvador in 1989, and follows Captain Ajax Montoya as he tries to save the brother of a lost love who has disappeared amidst the chaos.
The Big Coffin Road Blog Read made a stop at Criminal Element with Part Three: The Flannan Isles. Read an exclusive excerpt from Peter May's upcoming novel, and follow the tour for more exclusive content.
Being a Kid Is Tough

Breaking Point by Suzy Spencer recounts the case of Andrea Yates--the mother who drowned her five children in 2001. We had the chance to get an interview with Suzy to ask her about the book and her life as a true crime writer.
Friday Barnes, Girl Detective by R.A. Spratt is a kid-friendly mystery, illustrated by Phil Gosier, following Friday Barnes as she investigates a slew of crime at the Highcrest Academy.
Sanctuary Bay by Laura J. Burns and Melinda Metz follows Sarah Merson as she attends Sanctuary Bay Academy. After her roommate goes missing, Sarah begins to discover the sinister truth behind this elite prep "school."
Highlights from the Blog


Now Win This!: Mind, Body, and Soul Sweepstakes

You don't have to dedicate your mind, body, and soul to read these 9 books--simply register for your chance to win!

  • You Are Dead by Peter James
  • Blind Eye by Stuart MacBride
  • Dance of the Bones by J.A. Jance
  • The Darkest Heart by Dan Smith
  • A Clean Pair of Hands by Oscar Reynard
  • Shark Skin Suite by Tim Dorsey
  • Everything She Forgot by Lisa Ballantyne
  • Gossamer Ghost by Laura Childs
  • What She Knew by Gilly Macmillan

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  Announcing 2016's Edgar Nominees

The Mystery Writers of America have announced the Edgar Award nominees and special winners. The Edgars banquet--an annual black-tie gala celebrating crime fiction, non-fiction, and television writing--will be held on Thursday, April 28th, 2016 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City. As always, it's a fantastic list of great work that deserves to be checked out! What have you read already?

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Holmes, Ripley, and Hard Case Crime

Surrounded by a lawsuit and controversy involving copyright and trademark infringement, Mr. Holmes--starring Ian McKellen as the aging detective--was released to a limited amount of theaters. Thom Truelove discusses the film and where it fits in the Sherlock Holmes canon.

Tom Ripley is a complicated man. Brian Greene explores the film The American Friend (1977), starring Dennis Hopper, and the two Patricia Highsmith novels it is based on--Ripley's Game (1974) and Ripley Under Ground (1970).

Arguably the best crime writer living today, Lawrence Block is at it again with The Girl with Deep Blue Eyes. David Cranmer discusses Lawrence Block's unique style with his review of the latest Hard Case Crime novel.

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Crossing the Finish Line

American Horror Story finished its 5th season, Hotel, last Wednesday, and Meghan Harker couldn't have been more disappointed. While we all loved Dennis O'Hare's portrayal of Liz Taylor, Meghan points out the myriad of shortcomings the series experienced as a whole--especially in the finale--with her recap of "Be Our Guest."

Heroes Reborn returns with its penultimate episode of the season, "Company Woman." With only one episode left, Corrina Lawson opines the missed opportunities this once exciting reboot failed to produce with her review of Episode 12.

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