Another Day, Another Author Denounces Ellora's Cave for Non-Payment

Reblogged from GreyWarden:

Many of you are well aware of the disaster that's become Ellora's Cave Publishing (hereafter referred to as EC) and the well documented issue they've been having with making payroll. Well, despite the settlement between EC and Dear Author/Jane Litte, another salvo's just been launched across the bow.


Last Friday Jennifer Kacey posted over on Decadent Divas, asking her fans to no longer buy her books. Reason being: she hasn't been paid any royalites since Feb 2015. Nope; that's not a misprint- those are her exact words. She also poses a good question: in what country on this planet is it legal for any business to get away with not paying its employees- in this case, authors? Answer: there isn't one. She also contends that all her request for arrears and information regarding them were met with misdirection and indifferent silence at best, deliberate baiting and condescension at worst.


"...In any other business that's considered illegal. Guess what? It's illegal in this business too but EC for some reason has decided they're immune to actually paying their authors. Have they paid some in recent months? Yep. Have they paid me. Nope.


So before somebody over there gets a bug up their ass this is my information. Mine. I'm not quoting anyone else, though I could. I'm not dragging the horrible treatment others have received into this, though I could. I'm going to tell you my story. All of this is fact. FACT.


I'm not defaming liabling name-calling or anything else. I'm simply asking everyone, my fans, my readers and anyone else who finds this post NOT to buy my EC titles. I'll be removing them from my site as well. My books. How sad." She also has a message for anyone thinking of signing on with EC: "To the new authors at EC - RUN!!! Not walk, or even speed walk. Grab your shit and leave as fast as you can. They are not a reputable publisher. They've called us bad apples for months because we actually wanted to be paid or we wanted our rights back. Well guess what?


At some point you'll want to be paid, too. Do not sign with them. Do not. We are leaving in droves for a reason. Lots of reasons. Thousands of rea$on$...


And I'm sorry, you are not a special snowflake when it comes to them. You will get stepped on and thrown aside just as quickly as we were. Learn from us. Please. If even one person reads this post and doesn't pub with them then it will be worth it."


You can read the entire post over at Decadent Divas.


Wonder how Tina Engler aka Jaid Black will try to spin this one...?