Destined by Violet Vaughn: The final Winter Valley Wolf book is here!

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Destined - Winter Valley Wolves Book 9

Sophie Quinn’s failed at marriage before, but after a few years living a free-spirited lifestyle she’s ready to try love one more time. She moves into a quaint summer cottage on Silver Lake with a plan to find a new man, and her silver fox neighbor would be perfect, except for the fact he can’t stand to be around her. When she finds out Warren is a werewolf, Sophie has no trouble moving on, even after she discovers they’re true mates. But she doesn’t count on the way their physical attraction takes her places she didn’t know she wanted to go.

Warren Nelson has waited years to find his true mate, and when the sumptuous Sophie Quinn moves in next door he finds her. The problem is she’s human, and recent events have reminded Warren why her kind is dangerous to his pack. Try as he might, he can’t deny the need to be with his true mate, and he has to find a way to trust her as he convinces her he’s worth the risk.

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The Winter Valley Wolves is out in boxed sets.

The bundle for Chosen, Fated and Destined will be released at the end of January.

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