Step Romance Overload








Can someone explain to me what the big draw in step romance is?



One, that whole "I know I'm not supposed to but I just can't help it" thing doesn't work for me, and the "They're not really blood related so its not really incest doesn't count" excuse doesn't work for me either. Listening to characters struggle page after page with their on going desires they shouldn't have for their steps annoys the crap out of me.



I can't stand stories written with characters going on and on through the whole book about how they grew up fighting their need to have this unattainable person in their bed or between their legs talking about how dirty and sexy it is and how wrong it is but they have no control they just have to create a situation where they finally manipulate their way into screwing their step because they just want them so much they cant stand not having them anymore.



Are they so hard up for a good leg over that all they can do is go after their step sibling or parent?



Hell I went to high school with a guy and a chick who were together as a couple for years until their parents started hooking up and got married. Even they understood how weird it was that now that they were step siblings that the whole love thing didn't count anymore so they broke it off.






There are so many great stories out there that I've read - Correction. Potentially great stories if they HADN'T been a step romance but a regular plain garden variety male female unrelated in anyway romance, would have been fantastic stories if they hadn't jumped on the Step wagon reads.




Its not sexy, its not romantic. So somebody please explain to me why the romance and erotica genre is being drowned in STEP relationships?




Seriously. Somebody.