Who is Lucia Jordan ?

I spend a lot of time roaming free ebooks on Amazon.


Of all the time I've spent souring the free titles they have available in their Romance genre section there are certain authors who tend to catch my attention either because they are new or because of how many titles they have listed.


One author above them all has frequently caught my attention for both. The author is Lucia Jordan.


I have been unable to find an actual author website or much personal info on her other than whats on her Amazon and Goodreads page despite the fact that she has nearly 500 ebooks listed.


Granted most of her works are novellas but that is still a lot of ebooks to have so little information on the person who is writing them.


I have read a few of her works and while they aren't great I am still curious as to who she is. I don't know if its a pen name or what but I was wonder if anyone else has heard of her?


Lucia's Amazon Page

Lucia's Goodreads Page