Vados (Scifi Alien Romance) (The Ujal Book 1)

Vados (Scifi Alien Romance) (The Ujal Book 1) - Celia Kyle, Erin Tate Vados (The Ujal #1) by Erin Tate

As a marine biologist, Maris Xayer is used to observing all types of marine life, but she never imagined she’d come face to tail with an Ujal. In the middle of a hurricane, Maris and Vados came together—ahem—and then he disappeared. She figured it was a one-storm stand with an Ujal and moved on. Except Vados hadn’t really gone anywhere and now the sexy as sin, red-skinned Ujal is back. For her.

My Review:
I wanted so much more... I felt like Vados was only a first chapter to a full novel and I only got a sample of it. I'm curious, I'm intrigued. I'm totally fascinated.

My Rating:
4 Stars

Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the author