Video Book Blog

So I suppose this topic has been a long time coming because I've gotten into so many conversations with several other reviewers that are video bloggers so here it is.


Why don't I video blog?


I've been told that everyone video blogs now. You aren't considered a serious blogger or reviewer unless you have a video blog, I've even been requested to do a video blog several times.

Well great, but I don't do video blogs.

Some people are so good at doing video blogs they can make careers out of it but as for me not so much.


Do you know how ridiculous it is for me to watch myself being recorded doing a book review? I am so people-ackward that my reviews don't compare to the hippy peppy cheerful silly reviewers that breathe the hyper zone.

I can't count how many video bloggers I've seen do the serious giddy over the top videos and get all the hits because they're just so likable.

I'm quiet, I'm mundane, and I don't like smiling.

I'm not unfriendly but my own seriousness puts people off. There in lies the problem.


Serious blogs are boring blogs. I mean, who really wants to watch someone talking on a video blog without all the bright silliness go on for however many minutes without cracking a smile? They'd turn you off. Or in my case, me.


It takes me a long time for me to consider my words which I try to choose carefully when I'm talking because with my scattered brain I'm likely to skip an entire section of something I should discussing without some kind of smoke signal telling me that my brain and mouth are going in two different directions. 


So no, my blog isn't impressive, I don't post videos of myself talking about the hundreds of books I buy or get in the mail every month, but I share what I can the way I'm comfortable sharing it. If that doesn't impress you that's okay, there are thousands of people all over the internet who do it anyway.


So this is how my blog will remain until someone manages to perform a lobotomy on me and provide me with a new personality. As for the few of you that stop by my blog from time to time - Thanks.