Women on the Brink

Women on the Brink - G. Elizabeth Kretchmer Women on the Brink by G. Elizabeth Kretchmer

Women on the Brink is a stunning collection of loosely linked stories in which women aged thirteen to ninety must face the unwelcome realities of their lives. Sometimes gritty, sometimes humorous, and always compassionate, G. Elizabeth Kretchmer’s prose takes the reader on a compelling ride alongside these ordinary women as they wrestle with family relationships, self-esteem, socioeconomic status, maternal obligations, and need for independence.
Each story is enhanced by one of fourteen original poems contributed by talented poets specifically for this collection and its themes. Although the stories stand alone, they are further strengthened by the relationships among the various characters throughout the collection. Readers of Ms. Kretchmer’s first novel, The Damnable Legacy, will also delight to find that some of the characters from that novel have reappeared here.
The women in this collection may or may not be the type you’d invite over for lunch. Some of them are tough. Some aren’t all that likeable. Some might not see the world the way you do. But they’re compelling in their own right as they reflect women in today’s world—women who have come along a difficult path—and as they courageously take control of their lives.

My Review:
Women on the Brink is an amazing book with multiple stories all revolving around the strength and courage women have to cope with and learn to wield as they make their choices in life. Its inspiring, its heart breaking, its beautiful and its amazing.
Who else better to write about the inner strength women find in themselves than a woman? Kretchmers writing is honest, its real and its a vital stem that connects to all her female readers on a fundamental level.
It takes a certain kind of person to be able to write something so honestly even when its not perfect. When the lives and experiences these women have been through aren't always easy and simple. It takes smarts, risks and boldness you have to learn to grasp and that choice isn't always the right one or wrong one but its a part of living and learning. Women on the Brink is a wonderful read from beginning to end.

My Rating:
5 Stars

Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review