What a Lass Wants: A Claimed By the Highlander Novel

What a Lass Wants: A Claimed By the Highlander Novel - Rowan Keats What a Lass Wants (Claimed by the Highlander #4)by Rowan Keats

In the Highlands of Scotland, danger and desire can be found anywhere—but finding them may lead to something much more perilous and passionate than anyone can handle.
Lady-in-waiting Caitrina de Montfort is in a terrible bind. With her sister held captive by a henchman of Edward Longshanks, she has been forced to spy on the dowager queen of Scotland. But the resourceful young noblewoman has a plan to set her sister free—until the arrival of a charming but steely-eyed courtier ruins everything.
Bran MacLean has made his living by his wits for most of his life. After stealing a valuable treasure, he evades pursuit by donning a disguise and joining the queen's retinue. All goes well until the lovely Caitrina pilfers his loot and demands his aid in rescuing her sister. But their enemy is ruthless—and they soon find themselves facing a desperate choice between love and survival.

My Review:
What a Lass Wants is one of those romances you first assume are an opposites attract kind of passion story but you quickly begin to realize that Bran and Caitrina are more alike than you thought. Both our h/h have heart and soul and they both have plenty of feisty courage to keep readers entertained. I really liked Caitrina's take no shit attitude and the fact that she wasn't a weepy willow lead for our sexy as can be Bran. Although I wish we had gotten more passion with our seduction it was just enough for a slow building believable relationship for our couple. Rowan Keats is a fun, energetic writer with plenty of love for us swoon worthy steam lovers.

My Rating:
4 Stars

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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.