The Confession

The Confession - Sierra Kincade
  I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.

The Confession is the third book in the Body Works Trilogy.
At first the book started off as a reminder of the lesson in accepting the things that aren't good for you but of course we all know that Anna can't walk away from Alec no matter how negatively being with him affects her life. Then comes the reason why so many girls can't walk away from their bad boy. Anna holds onto that while Alec struggles to keep her at arms length in order to protect her from what he's involved in. The bad boy wanting to protect the good girl from being marred by his own shadow. (The only thing I didn't like about the break up part was the whole can't eat, can't sleep without you thing. I would have liked her to be able to be strong even without Alec but when you're that desperately emotionally dependent on someone else to function it has devastating effects on the weaker person.) What enraged me even further still was the in your face rebound Alec pursued just to convince her of all the reasons why he wanted to push her away. (Which I really hated) But the ending eventually brought it all together even with all the drama. Even though I didn't care for all the stuff Alec was doing I could sympathize with why he was doing it even if I didn't agree with it.
The Confession is well written and cleverly concluded. Thanks Sierra for a great trilogy.