Under a Blood Moon

Under a Blood Moon - Delilah Devlin I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Samhain.

For being selfish men they share all too happily their eager love slave. Delilah Devlin writes some seriously hot erotica and does it very well. How she manages to create all new love scenes from book to book and keep them as fresh, sexy and as dirty as she does so well.
I must admit it took me awhile to pick up where the previous book leaves off since I haven't read the first book of this series but Delilah provides just enough detail to fill in most of the blanks.
Miren is an interesting chick with some complex feelings and sexual desires and appetites that she struggles with because of the interaction of the coven and its members in her life and how she feels or thinks she should or shouldn't feel for the man or men she loves.
Renner struggles to learn how to work with her relationship with the twins and deal with her reluctance to hand over or share her power.
I like that there are actual issues that they need to work through in the story as both individuals and as a couple and ofcourse the insanely sexy love scenes are out of this world.

Beware sensitive readers - if you can't handle multiple lovers, paranormal topics, and the supernatural coming together in one book this may not be for you. For those open minded scorch seekers you've found the right place.