Bad Romance (New Adult Romance)

Bad Romance (New Adult Romance) - Bonnie Bliss, L Kirk I was able to read both versions of Bad Romance before and after the edit issue and I'm still unsure of how to rate or review the book. There were a few good moments and quite a few really bad moments and my opinion on that remains with both versions. I can understand where the author was trying to go with the story although I wish she'd given us more background it didn't quite feel as if their relationship past or present was worth pursuing even for the(lack of a better word) vengeance type intimacy. I didn't get the purpose for all the dysfunction for any of the characters but I do think there is a potential for something here but not with the way it was left even with the new edit. I do like the author and her work and I know she has the talent to create a great story and I will continue to follow her work in the future.