Idol of Blood

Idol of Blood - Jane Kindred I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Samhain.

Although I wish I'd read the first book in the series I thought Idol of Blood was fantastic. Kindred creates some beautiful imagery and intense sexual scenes as Ra's journey continues. Kindred makes sure that you aren't entirely lost on who's who but there are some information vacancies and plenty of double take moments. photo Chandler-Bing-laughter-to-shock-reaction-at-meeting.gif
The love triangle that completely mucks up Jaks life is one that pulls both comedy and tension along with quite a bit of passion as well. Keep in mind there is plenty of tension for all characters as they navigate through their own personal trials, some that include some heart wrenching moments.
I love the dynamic of every person Kindred brings into play and I really enjoyed her ability to create a story that is as intense and as gripping as Idol of Blood.