The Distraction

The Distraction - Sierra Kincade I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.

I liked this installment better than the first in this series I felt Anna grew up a tiny bit which was definitely needed to continue this series to make it half way believable.
I thought some of the plot points and story dragging was a little bit much yet Sierra managed to carry it through and redeem it. I felt that readers got to see more of the inner workings within Anna and Alec and their purpose to continue on their path together. I like that the Distraction wasn't just a transition between the first book and the third book it carried itself more than the beginning did. The characters were more assertive in their decisions, they were more confident in their actions and kept it until the end.

I still had a few issues with the story which lowered the star rating but this installment was by far an improvement on the series.