Match: A Supernatural Thriller

Match: A Supernatural Thriller - William Massa I love William Massa, his writing is superb. He never betrays his readers or his writing style and talent for delving into multiple subgenres to create his fabulous stories. Each book he's written holds strong and true to the depth that he can reach with both excitement and creativity. He has a well of gripping plots that he weaves and Match is one of those stories. As the world we live in now where we are surrounded by dating sites, webpages and hook up scenes on tv, radio and internet we rarely get to see what the negative affects or consequences of those type of things can bring to a persons life. Match creates that complex introduction then creates a twist that will keep you wondering to the end. I absolutely loved it. I hope that Match is expanded on in the future because you can just see so many ideas going to more places. It really makes your mind wander.