The Accidental Dragon

The Accidental Dragon - Dakota Cassidy

I received a print and digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.

The Accidental Dragon is a great read full of silly, sexy, fun moments tinged with a few emotional touches. Dakota Cassidy is a writer that knows how to explore the many various levels of both love and fear and adds just the right amount of hilarity so that the serious undertone doesn't overshadow the love story between Tessa and Mick which have a fabulous dynamic of personality together. I really liked the exploration of Tessa's conflict of emotions toward Mick because of their history but that only made me love them together more. I'm sure every girl can relate to the character that longed for the one since a kid. Not many of them got to fulfill that hope they had when they were young and I more than enjoyed watching it come to life in The Accidental Dragon.