Miles from Kara

Miles from Kara - Melissa  West I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley and Penguin.

I wish I had gotten to read the first book in the series so that I knew what led the characters to where they stand in this installment however the author gives you some information so that even if you start on this book first you won't be too lost on what is going on. That being said I found myself really feeling for them, especially for Kara herself.
Its easier to empathize with her if you've been in her shoes before when it comes to mistakes in friendships and relationships and judgement calls. I think that's why I liked her because its easier to relate to her when you have a grounding in those feelings and conflicts she finds herself having to deal with.
Miles from Kara is a good book and I'm look forward to reading the first book in the series so that I can get the whole story. I would suggest the same for other readers as well because the story itself feels more like a serial than a series.