Assassins of the Steam Age




When the local airfield is destroyed, Taziri Ohana is the only airship pilot left to help the marshals chase the killers across the skies of Marrakesh. But the case becomes terrifyingly personal when Taziri finds that her enemies have turned her own inventions into weapons and her family's survival may hang in the balance.

Meanwhile, exiled Incan princess Qhora and her swashbuckling lover Lorenzo face a gauntlet of assassins, cruel aristocrats, and wealthy industrialists conspiring against the very Queen that Taziri is trying to save, and her country's only hope for peace may be her crippled airship plummeting out of the burning sky.

Welcome to a world where strange machines sail the seas and the skies, enormous prehistoric beasts roam the earth, and the restless dead whisper to the living.









I cannot begin to express the epic story telling and writing that is in this story. I think that The Assassins of the Steam Age and Joseph Lewis is going to be one of my favorites. I recently picked up his Angels and Djinn book and I can't wait to get it started. I think that the Assassins of the Steam Age would translate well into a game because its got all the tellings of a story that would interest gamers and enough suspense that could play well into some fun action sequences. I know it probably sounds bizarre but that's how it played out in my mind as I read the book. I liked all the vivid detail Joseph brought into his work and the vintage/futuristic feel of the environment.
Such is the beauty of steampunk.