Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors - Sheri Whitefeather, Allyson James, Nikita Black

I received a print copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

An erotic anthology from three of the best in the business. Let me start off by saying that for some of us we all know that being a brides maid can occasionally suck (for some) in epic proportions. You get stuck with the ugly dress, the embarrassing photo bomb ops, cat fights and gossip, the bouquet toss and alcohol and all the while wonder who's left in the wedding that hasn't gotten hitched yet hoping that the man of your dreams might come strolling in to save you while the men are placing bets as to which guy can get under who's dress faster? Its a scene out of every bad chick flick movie there is, but it does happen once in awhile.
So for those rare ladies out there that sit at the reception table day dreaming about mister delicious sweeping you off your feet for some seriously hot romping between the sheets, this is the book for you.