Sunflower Lane

Sunflower Lane - Jill Gregory

I received a digital and print copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley and NAL

I was so taken back by this book that I was completely blown away. Grab the tissues, grab a pillow and a comfy chair because you're going to need it. I was on permanent sob mode through most of the book. Jill Gregory did a beautiful job bringing all her characters along with their pains, their doubts and their hopes to life. I'm not sure if I cried more, cheered more or was pent up with so much frustration because there were times that you just wanted to scream some sense into them but in the end I was delighted because Jill wrote so well that I couldn't help but love that she was able to bring out those emotions in me. The heartache, the fear, and the love as well as the healing are all epic moments that she handles beautifully. Sunflower Lane is a tale mixed with a journey for redeeming trust, heart, and family. I really enjoyed it.