To Love A King

To Love a King - Shona Husk


I received a digital copy from Sourcebooks Casablanca in exchange for an honest review.

To Love A King is a sensational book. I wish I could click my heels together three times and make a print copy appear in my hands. I think its the best book I've read from

Shona yet.
I really wish that I had gotten to read the previous book because it appears to pick up where the previous (book/s) left off. However Shona doesn't leave readers beginning with this novel in the dark. She does well to fill them in on the details without being repetitive or annoying. She handles it beautifully and quickly while moving on with the story being told in this installment.
Right away I was grabbing for the pillow and hoping that I didn't have to cling to the tissue box.
Shona is a wonder at bringing readers into the plight and heartache of her characters and bringing them along for the ride while anticipating a victorious end.

Dear Santa... I hope to add all of Shona's books to my collection at home! :)