Dark Blood

Dark Blood - Christine Feehan I received a print and digital copy of this book from Berkley and Netgalley.

I really have mixed feelings about Dark Blood. There is so much to both love and hate about the story. As a long time fan who has been reading every single one of Christine's books since the beginning I've noticed that as time goes on I find myself impressed that she is able to continue writing the same series after so many books and still continue to find new characters and new plots to write about. I respect that creative ability considering how difficult writing can be, especially when one writes so well. However I felt that the last few books she has put out hasn't been as up to par as her previous books. The series doesn't have the same feel and neither do my favorite characters. They don't have the same heart or the same integrity. Her male Carpathians were epic heroes that you could fantasize about and compare a man to, now they just make me cringe.
I am hoping that the downward spiral she is sending my favorite characters on is coming to a point because I have found myself too disappointed. Still, I follow along because I am such a fan and deep down, I am not quite ready for the series to end. Then again maybe she ought to end it while its still good. Never really know. I still finished the book and liked seeing familiar faces of my favorites unfortunately I didn't care for Zev or Bron.