Power Game (GhostWalkers #13) by Christine Feehan


A mysterious woman with her own agenda rescues a captured GhostWalker soldier held by a secret enemy. Together they uncover a conspiracy that extends beyond the reaches of the US government and proves a deadly threat to national security…


I was lucky enough to receive a copy of the hard back edition which has fantastic cover art. I love it. The only thing I didn't like about the slip cover was the fact that the material is so flimsy. Other than that the cover is great. 
The further into the Ghostwalker series we get which is at lucky 13 now the farther away from the main team it seems to feel. As far as them being the most dominant team I think that assumption has taken a back seat as more deadly abilities and soldiers come out of the wood works. 
I think my biggest issue thus far is the fact that considering how much the teams being secluded and in hiding is so important it seems odd how easily others have been able to find and or penetrate their defenses and securities and despite being so deadly are easily taken down. 
With the children and new generation being at such a risk I'm fairly surprised that the main team hasn't taken a stronger forefront in a looong time. 
Readers get vague mentions of this issue in Power Game but it kind of comes off as a side note than a serious issue to be dealt with. 
Personally I favor the main team Lily and Ry, Nic and Dahl, Gator and all the others. I've been a little disappointed that it seems to feel like we're getting a bit too far away from the main team. 
Not that I mind exploring the others stories and lives which mostly seem to reiterate  the fact that Whitney despite being a genius and mad scientist is quite inhuman and insane - which we already know. 
The thing is there is still something deeper in this journey and still missing as far as the testing and the "game" go. We have yet to step in the direction that leads readers any clues to see what the big picture is and what the final reveal is going to be. 
There are still so many other victims / players as it were to explore including the new generation of children being born from the mated pairs that will continue to carry the series I'm sure into the future before we ever get there. So I can assume that it will be a very long time before readers get a glimpse of it. Yet I was happy to see that there were some hints and sort of resolutions to some things that had been left hanging with no real closure in the previous books but it felt a little under whelming once it was mentioned. 
I did like both Bel and Zeke I was really happy to feel like Christine kind of got back to her roots character building that she once had in the start of her writing which made me very happy because that was starting to become an issue for me continuing reading her books lately. I'm happy to say I stuck with it because it was that homecoming feeling of returning to a world and a cast that felt more "Christine" this time around. Power Game was one of the better installments she's written in a long time.


This title will be available  January 24th, 2017!



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