A Season of Spells (Noctis Magicae #3) by Sylvia Izzo Hunter

A Season of Spells (A Noctis Magicae Novel) - Sylvia Izzo Hunter




Three years after taking up residence at the University of Din Edin, Sophie and Gray return to London, escorting the heiress of Alba to meet the British prince to whom she is betrothed.


Sparks fail to fly between the pragmatic Lucia of Alba and the romantic Prince Roland, and the marriage alliance is cast into further doubt when the men who tried to poison King Henry are discovered to have escaped from prison.
Gray sets off to track the fugitives abroad, while Sophie tries to spark a connection between the bride and groom by enlisting them in her scheme to reopen a long-shuttered women’s college at Oxford.


Though a vocal contingent believes that educating women spells ruin, what Sophie and her friends discover in the decaying college library may hold the key to protecting everything they hold dear—as well as a dark secret that could destroy it all.









I forgot to do my homework when I requested this book but I was inspired by the blurb and the cover which is beautiful. I didn't realize that A Season of Spells is the third book in the Noctis Magicae series.

That being said I loved the cast, I loved the world and I really liked the hunters take on magic and the relationships between the cast. The bond of friendship is great on a devotional scale.

I loved the world Hunter has created - its Harry Potter vs The Tudors.

Wonderful read!

I totally plan on picking up the previous books in this series and reading it all the way through. Hunter is a new favorite.






Sylvia Izzo Hunter



























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