Stealing His Thunder (Masters of Adrenaline #1) by Sparrow Beckett

Stealing His Thunder (Masters of Adrenaline) - Sparrow Beckett

Nothing gives Addison Kennedy a rush like stealing cars. The Lexus was the perfect target, but before she can get its engine purring, she's cold-cocked unconscious. When she comes to, she finds herself on a bed with a blonde, tattooed god standing over her.
Fox Larson is shocked to discover the thief he knocked out is actually a hot girl. Bringing her home may not have been the smartest move, but he wasn’t about to leave an unconscious and defenseless woman in a parking garage. Besides, if she’s part of an auto theft crew infringing on his territory, he needs to pump her for information.
However, Addison has personal drive that won’t be denied and she’s desperate to prove Fox’s group needs her skills. Submitting to his kinks in the bedroom is a hot yet complicated bonus. When a big job goes bad, and Addison finally gets her chance, will she succeed in stealing his thunder?








I didn't particularly care for this book, I especially didn't care for Add or Fox..

These two opposites attract individuals were just too opposite for me despite their likes that bring them together.

Most of all it was the sexual half of the interactions that got to me the most.

The fact that Fox likes unwilling partners and women who don't enjoy what he does to them while having sex with them really turned me off.

Adds tolerance for being what is essentially victimized by him and his behavior toward her really bothered me to the point that I hated their involvement, I hated their relationship, I hated Adds draw to him and that his violent nature is what really made her like him most.

The book is well written it just wasn't my cup of tea.








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