Agree to Disagree

I recently got into a conversation with a person who told me how simple, quick and easy it must be being a book reviewer. My reaction was a silent stone grave stare while I felt my brain being to boil in my skull.


There is nothing simple, quick or easy about writing book reviews.

I can spend over 18 hours a day every day for a week and still not get everything I need to get done finished when it comes to reviews.


Not counting the time it takes to read the books- you have to run your blog email, return contact messages, check your reading schedule make sure calendar post dates are met, make sure interview features, graphics, and other notes are attended to and completed, you have to make sure reviews are made by priority, you have to stay in touch with followers, make sure that any and all authors, publishers and other contacts you review for (not counting books you read and review for fun) are in touch with you and know and get the information and review they need for any publicity posts they make to their own sites and pages.


You have to write reviews that don't sound exactly the same as another review you posted for another author, you have to bring in more audience, you have to keep your blog updated, your social pages updated and frequent, make sure to keep up with and post the various codecs for each site, maintain them and keep them updated for each different format you post your review in.


Reviewers have to return comments, and send out follow up mail and messages, you have to make sure if you post ahead of time to follow up on other sites that don't unlock review allowance until the day of publication and get your review up in time, you have to be current, you have to meet demand, you have to make sure your reviews bring in numbers for the author, you have to make sure that you understand what it is you are advertising on your site for social comments and other followers, you have to remember details and make sure that the people that are investing in you feel that they're not wasting their time.


There is a lot that goes into posting reviews for so many of us out there it can be like a second full time job.


Just because people may not think posting reviews is serious I think they need to really consider what its like to run a blog, work along side book review magazine sites and editors, write reviews for publicists and authors, and still find time to read all the books you schedule into your calendar and make sure that all five, fifteen or twenty sites you link your reviews on don't have any glitches, errors, or content that needs changing, make sure that everything goes out right and still have it look good and work out in the end.


There are hours that go into a lot of reviewers work, pages and reviews. Its done because we enjoy it so much and its  not something you can just jot a few notes and pass off with a shrug because there are many who take a lot of pride in their reviews and the work they put into their reviews. For some writing reviews is really hard work but its worth it because its something they enjoy.


Next time you want to dis someone for being a book reviewer just try it before you bash it.