E- Letter from Janet Chapman and the New Release From Kiss to Queen

From Kiss to Queen on Sale Today!

So what’s a storyteller to do, I wondered, if she happens to have this spunky young woman living in the Maine wilderness that she knows could really use a handsome, take-charge prince to quite literally fall out of the sky and gallantly sweep the beautiful lady off her feet? I mean, nobody would mind if I simply made up a new country that sat halfway around the world, would they, as well as a royal family, a population of endearing people, and some rather nasty enemies? Even if I were writing a straight contemporary romance without any magic?

Yeah, that could work, seeing how my readers never so much as batted an eyelash when I moved mountains and created an inland sea smack in the middle of the Maine woods! And since I’ve had a mighty wizard’s mystical ship roaming around the Gulf of Maine, surely no one would complain about a foreign aircraft carrier sneaking in as well.

Heck, why don’t I just throw in a tribe of modern-day nomads while I’m at it?

That’s why romance readers in general and my readers in particular are the best! I get to make stuff up for the sheer joy of telling stories that I hope you in turn will have fun reading.

So let’s head off on my latest adventure together as Jane Abbot unceremoniously gets plucked out of the wilds of Maine only to find love in the arms of Prince Markov Lakeland, soon-to-be-king of the young country of Shelkova.


From Kiss to Queen, on sale July 5, 2016


And while I’m at it, I’d like to invite you to join me at Books-A-Million in Bangor, Maine (Bangor Mall Blvd.), on Saturday, July 9, from 3:00-5:00 p.m., so we can chat about my stories in general and From Kiss to Queen in particular. Heck, I might even be cajoled into sharing a few snippets of what I’m working on now.

Oh, and as an added bonus, my publisher (Jove, Penguin Random House) is offering an e-book version of The Highlander Next Door for $1.99 until July 17th, which you can find at your favorite online retailer.



Keep reading, people, and I’ll keep writing!