To Love a Wolf (SWAT: Special Wolf Alpha Team #4) by Paige Tyler

To Love a Wolf - Paige Tyler

SWAT officer Landry Cooper is certain Everly Danu is The One. The problem is, she has no idea what Cooper really is. And as much as he wants to trust her, he's not sure he can share his deepest secret...

When Everly's family discovers Cooper's a werewolf, her brothers will do anything to keep them apart-they'll kill him if they have to. Everly is falling hard for the ridiculously handsome SWAT officer, and she's not about to let her brothers tell her who she can love... Until Cooper's secret is exposed and she discovers the man she thought she knew is a monster in disguise.








My Review:

To Love a Wolf was a good read Tyler has always been great at creating excitement in her stories and I always love her couples but I didn't mesh well with our h/h this time around. Neither Everly nor Cooper won me over.

Everly I struggled to connect to because of her ignorant views on relationships and Cooper for his rather on going stupidity. The constant undermining of superiors, family and common sense was a frequent issue in this book and by the time our h/h reach blast off time I was spending more time wondering what they were doing together. These two opposites didn't feel like a couple at the end any more than they were at the beginning. While all the crazy adventure stuff is taking place all the overshadowing and exasperation over their I'm not so sure feelings didn't allow me to really settle in for the ride.

To Love a Wolf is well written it just didn't win my heart and in the end in a romance that's all that matters to me. It just didn't happen this time around.









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