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The Christmas Con is a short Christmas story playing with the Robin Hood legend. It is also part of a boxed set put out by the Authors of Main Street members.

Robin Cappington has many sins to atone for. She spent ten years working with her dad, Little John as a jewel thief. After a job gone wrong, John now sits in prison and Robin and crew have gone legit with a security business. Feeling the need to right a few wrongs, Robin uses her gang and her skills to steal from the thieves and give back to the owners.

The Christmas Rose necklace is worth half a million dollars. Robin wants to get it back for the owner, Mrs. Willa Scarlett. There is only one catch; it sits in the vault of a notorious gang leader and the only person who can help her break in and retrieve it is Ian Marr, the man who broke her heart and got her father sent to prison.

Robin Cappington is sure that Ian Marr is the last thing she needs in her life, but the fates and Santa have a different idea of just what Robin needs for Christmas.




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While the Christmas Con is sweet its one of those stories that anyone short on time can enjoy. While it was very short as its a novella it really felt abrupt and sudden without much beginning or end. The Christmas Con felt more like a scene that was cut out of a chapter and inserted as a novella. I can say as a novella I liked it but as a whole I wanted more. Not a bad thing considering it piqued my interest enough to want more.





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