Cherry Adair Adult Coloring App

  Cherry News! Adair Adult Coloring App  




Exciting news!  My Adair Adult Coloring Book App for iPad's is now available for download. Let the fun begin!




Intuitive interface.  Scrolling galleries. Unlimited color selections. Color Wheel. Color Favorites. Color Recents. Opacity slider. RGB. Hues. Canvas - vertical or horizontal. Multiple brushes. Unlimited brush sizes. Preview brushes. Preview brush size. Transparency slider. Erase tool. Extensive Undo/Redo. Color an image without erasing the design. Export and import from iPad film roll. Social media sharing from film roll. In-App background Music. In-app purchase of additional designs. Large scroll bar image picker. Miniature scroll bar image picker. Do over. Coloring Pad. Sketch Pad. Drawing pad. Free-form canvases - plain white and fabric. Import textures. Zoom feature with magnifier panel. Main Menu button with Help and Tips.  

Check out Help and Tips first to get started.  Try it, explore it, and have fun!!