Dawn of the Flame Sea (Flame Seas #1) by Jean Johnson

Dawn of the Flame Sea - Jean Johnson

They call themselves the Fae Rii, or Fair Traders. Elfin-like beings capable of wielding sophisticated forms of magic, they travel between universes exploring new worlds and establishing settlements for their people to live peacefully among the locals.

The humans of the White Sands tribe, refugees fleeing from powerful enemies, see the Fae as potential invaders stealing their newfound natural resources. Jintaya, the leader of the Fae travelers, manages to forge an alliance, promising to trade skills and knowledge—magical and otherwise—to build a lasting community.

But the Circle Fire Tribe has no desire to share those rich valleys and ravines with the people they’ve hunted to near extinction—or the supposed deities they worship








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I felt that Dawn was a great start to the Flame Sea series but I felt the book could have used a prequel to established the magic and history and environment before this book because that bogged down the start of the book and for a large portion of the story. This however did not put me out at all because I know how much work the author is putting into the new book and I like that it isn't taken lightly or dismissed or spread out too far so that you aren't lost on everything through the rest of the book that many authors lack or stall on. World building is Johnson's strong suit and I love that about her work. I look forward to seeing the development of the next installments.







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