Naughty Wishes Part IV: Soul (Naughty Wishes #4) by Joey W. Hill

Naughty Wishes Part IV - Joey W. Hill

It’s everything their hearts desire—but Samantha, Geoff, and Chris crave even more. With their feelings for one another out in the open and explored beyond their wildest dreams, other questions must be faced. Is it really love they feel? Or have they just been blinded by a relationship as intense and extreme as it is so profoundly intimate?

For Sam, Geoff, and Chris the world of Dominance and submission is more nuanced than they imagined, and they are far more vulnerable than they believed. Now, while looking for answers to a lasting happiness amid their deepest emotional and sexual needs, Sam, Geoff, and Chris discover how much innocence they’ve yet to shed. Because they’re about to make a play for the most unrealized fantasy of all…true love.









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Joeys writing and Naughty Wishes is a sexy, wet panty, sweat inducing mix of passion, excitement, and personal exploration that I always enjoy from beginning to end.

I can't wait to read this serial from beginning to end without having to wait between installments now that number four is done. I am so thrilled because I love Hill's work so much. I can't wait for this serial to be printed in one book together. I've added it to my birthday wish list. Love it, love it, love it.











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