Playing Hard to Master (Masters Unleashed #2) by Sparrow Beckett

Playing Hard to Master - Sparrow Beckett

Abandoned by his submissive years before, Ambrose has avoided long term relationships. He amuses himself by hooking up with his buddy’s exes. That is, until he meets Everly—a curvy girl with a big personality, who refuses to be ignored. Just when he thinks he’s found a girl he can trust, he finds out she has big opinions about rich men. Telling her he’s wealthy will ruin everything, but he can’t collar her with this huge lie hanging over them.

Known as a brat in their small kink community, Everly can intimidate even the most experienced Doms, but Ambrose is different. Not only does he charm the pants off her, he makes her crave his mastery, too. However, Ambrose’s trust issues run deep, and Everly isn’t willing to be ‘temporary’ forever. Ambrose is hiding something from her, and that secret is keeping them apart. Can she get her scaredy-Dom to commit, or is he a lost cause?






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I had no idea when I requested this book that it was the second in the series but that didn't appear to be a problem for me as I read the book for me to understand who everyone was or what was going on.

The book is categorized as a BDSM Erotic novel but that really didn't appear to be the focus of the story, the characters or any part of what was really going on. Admittedly they liked sex more exciting than your typical "regular" sex but it really wasn't what I'd define as a fetish book.

You get a couple on opposite sides of the financial and social ladder finding one another and falling for eachother while one hides a secret about where they really come from and the other standing against everything that makes them who they are.

This book could have had a different journey for both Everly and Ambrose but the ending was fairly predictable.






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