Someone Convince Me... Christine Feehan Confusion.... Agree to Disagree?

Okay typically I'm not a smart ass and usually I don't like enflaming drama however in this instance I need some help from fellow Feehan readers. I'm open to both sides of the argument to which a comment I made to Christine was replied by Christine and I still disagree with her. But let me start at the beginning.


I have been a Christine Feehan fan for many years many decades. I've read every book that she's published, I invest in buying several of her over seas books just because I like collecting books that have different cover art on them. I've gone to signings she's done, and events she's held, I've invested in her shop swag, I follow her mini series, and so on. I'm a fan like many other fans.

When I invest in an author I go full bore on some occasions because I like immersing myself in their world. (Maybe that's a tad obsessive but okay I'll take it.)


Her male characters have always been a little wild, a little dominant, her women always determined, always strong and that was always embraced. The men supported their women looked out for the best, and treated them as if they were precious (because they were precious to their race when referring to the Carpathians). A couple examples in her various works are within her Magic series the women had control, the women were comforted, the women had partners that embraced their personal qualities and supported them, the  Ghostwalkers the men and women both broken (due to Whitney and their pasts) came together and were whole together and were stronger together the men supported their women and helped them and allowed them their freedoms to run wild.


The men in her books were the men that every woman wanted. They had the perfect balance of masculinity, out ward bad boy, inner sensitive, equal counter part.

The men were always honest about where they were coming from, the men were always pacing themselves when it came to the women and they never did anything to harm them. In the beginning.


However over time some of them began showing signs that they  (Christine) were allowing (the male characters) their darkness more freedom, more control. We see this early on when one of her Carpathian males is unburied after being entombed and he lashes out at the female who rescued him by biting her and feeding from her like a savage dog would. But okay, he was wounded and under the circumstances when Mikhail comes to talk sense into him he lashes out at his female partner because he's feeling cornered and is laying claim to her so none of the other males have a chance imprinting near her if there's a chance one of the others could be her partner too. (If you haven't read the books this won't make sense to you.)


We see this increase as the books go on, but we (the readers) also see an increase of violent actions toward the female counterparts. Both in manipulation and control, and in violent acts against the women. (Or at least I have, I've seen others agree with this statement on old reviews as well.)


Instead of the men using their abilities to shelter and protect the women for their own good say for example the way Gregori did with Savannah. We are getting males who are turning into men who shut down any females ability or freedom to think for themselves or do for themselves by controlling their minds, controlling their bodies, and punishing them for not submitting servitude the instant the male recognizes they want them.


We've seen the males physically harm the females, psychically harm the females, rape the females and dismiss it as if it were nothing and the females bend their wills to allow this to happen and made excuses for it as if it were okay in almost every single new installment she's put out over the last few years.


This issue has spread across all of her book series and its become an increasingly larger problem for me personally to read because this kind of violence toward women does not sit well with me. It especially doesn't sit well when its the hero doing it.

As a reader the hero is supposed to seduce you, and pull you in and take you away from reality.

Instead I've been put off, disgusted and horrified. I'm not the only one who I've seen has felt the same way I have about this issue.


I've been tempted to give up reading Christine's books all together but its hard to let go of something that I have been so dedicated to for such a long time so here I sit waiting for Christine to redeem herself, redeem her characters, redeem the books that have broken my belief that this problem will ever be solved.


So when I found out Christine is writing a new series I'm elated. At first. Then, once the excitement dies off weariness sets in.

What if these men treat their females the way the men who have been stalking their females, abusing their females, controlling their females do the same thing in the new book? What if I have doubts?  What if this is the book that loses my love for her work all together?


Well, Christine posted about the new book in Goodreads which she's calling Shadow Rider. Which sounds really great and I'm really excited about. But there's this nagging in the back of my mind about the male against female violence that has been going on in her books.


So I decide to just flat out ask while I have the confidence to attempt it.


I meant this as no disrespect to her or her followers like myself, I meant this as no way of being a book bully or drama queen, I meant it in no way negative what so ever - I simply wanted to know. So I asked. And to my surprise she answered. However its not the answer I think I was expecting.


(I'm pasting the images of the post and my question along with her reply)








So that's the post she made on Goodreads and below is where you can add replies to the post. To which I added mine.



After I re-read my post I wish I'd reworded it because I think it might have come across a bit rude but there it is.



I honestly didn't think she would reply to it. I think I was expecting another fan to reply or have it ignored all together. However Christine did reply.




Its plain. Its simple. Its no.


Okay, I can take a no.


But she says her males aren't violent to their female partners.


Here in lies my problem.


Can someone explain to me if I've completely misunderstood and misread Christines last several books?


Men who shove their way into a females mind to imprison her so that she can't fight, can't move, can't resist... Men who grab women by their hair drag them across the ground, pin them to fences and tear their clothes off in front of people and force themselves on the women all the while they're screaming no, men who jail women in a location they don't want to be in, comes across as violent to me.


I'm not opening this so people can bash Christine or harm her professionally or personally in anyway, I'm not opening this to start some online fight, or get attention, I don't mean any disrespect to Christine or her work, I just want to open an honest debate in hopes that fellow readers like myself can try to help me understand something I may have simply gotten wrong.


So please, I'm honestly pleading here... If I've got this completely wrong, then help me understand because I'd really like to rediscover my love for Christine's work all over again. I'd love to realize that I've been wrong about this, I'd love to have someone convince me that her statement is true.


So I leave it to you guys to debate this. Am I wrong? Should I just give up? Should I let it go and agree to disagree?