Ain't She Sweet (Green Mountain #6) by Marie Force

Ain't She Sweet (A Green Mountain Romance) - Marie Force

Charlotte “Charley” Abbott has gone out with every guy under thirty-five in Butler, Vermont—except for one. Tyler Westcott’s attempts to date her may be determined, and frequent, but Charley can’t stand how he acts like he knows her better than she knows herself. So when Tyler turns up at the running club Charley joined to train for a marathon, she’s almost ready to quit before she even gets started.
Tyler knows that behind Charley’s prickly personality and dismissive attitude is a sweet woman he wants in his life. And when Charley suffers an injury while training, Tyler is ready to prove that the perfect man for her has been right there all along








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The characters were very wish washy and emotionally unstable. The bi polar feelings and actions really got frustrating through the book. I couldn't invest because neither the h/h would invest and when they did they were typically right back to not connecting to one another again. If you like them you like them if you don't you don't but pick one already. The sudden burst of I suddenly love you at the end just made me roll my eyes which in the end made me not care about either of them.








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