Movie Night: It Follows

It Follows









A young woman is followed by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter.
















I can see where this movie had potential but the idea of "it" being a some version of a haunted std wasn't that appealing. Neither was the whole "pass it on" thing which is reminiscent of The Ring. (If you make copies you'll avoid the curse idea)

The reality of this story being made into a movie doesn't really play well as a film. Its slow, it drags with too many pointless scenes.. it goes on. However it could have been a lot better because there is an intriguing idea buried in all the craziness. My disappointment is in the film being caught between poor acting, low budget affects and sad scripting because it all falls flat. 

If the movie had been a bigger budget film with better actors as well as a better script and affects I think it could have been really great.