Tall, Dark, and Wicked (Wicked Trilogy)

Tall, Dark, and Wicked (Wicked Trilogy) - Madeline Hunter Tall, Dark and Wicked (Wicked Trilogy #2)by Madeline Hunter

As a well-known barrister and the son of a duke, Ives confines his passionate impulses to discreet affairs with worldly mistresses. A twist of fate, however, has him looking for a new lover right when a fascinating woman shows up in his chambers, asking him to help save her father from the gallows. Unfortunately, he has already been asked to serve as the prosecutor in the case, but that only ensures close encounters with the rarity named Padua Belvoir. And every encounter increases his desire to tutor her in pleasure's wicked ways…
Having always been too tall, too willful, and too smart to appeal to men, Padua Belvoir is shocked when Ives shows interest in her. Knowing his penchant for helping the wrongly accused, she had initially thought he might be her father's best hope for salvation. Instead, he is her worst adversary—not least because every time he looks at her, she is tempted to give him anything he wants

My Review:
Padua and Ives are a win for Tall Dark and Wicked. I love all the redeeming hero's that take charge of saving the day. Padua is also a win for readers as well. She stands tall among men but when she needs help Ives is the one she turns to in order to help her family. Ives is the perfect kind of hero to fit this book.
Although the story has many turns and many surprises what isn't a surprise is the attraction between P.I. its a slow build but it simmers to a boil until steamy romance breaks free.
The personality clash is just right and by the time we get into the journey we are already hungry for it to step off.
I had mixed feelings about the casts beginnings but that didn't seem too important as it wasn't really their positions or titles that were important but who they were as individuals. (It could have used some work in that sector but I was still happy with the result)
Tall Dark and Wicked was a great read and I look forward to seeing what Madeline has planned for the third installment.

My Rating:
4 Stars

Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley