All of Me

All of Me - Kelly Moran All of Me (Covington Cove #2)by Kelly Moran

For ten months, bestselling novelist Alec Winston hasn’t been able to type a single word, and he’s coming dangerously close to breaching his publishing contract. An invitation from his brother to spend the summer in Wilmington Beach might be just the thing to blast through his writer’s block. Yet Alec discovers more than a spark of inspiration on the sunny sands. He meets an amber-eyed muse who makes him think about much more than books . . .
Faith Armstrong has finally gathered the courage to leave her past behind and accepted a job as a private tutor, hoping for a fresh start on the North Carolina coast. This is the home she’s always longed for—not just a place, but a state of mind. She’s felt invisible her whole life, so the host of new friends and the attention of a sexy author have her head spinning.
But Alec has a secret that could prove this isn’t the life Faith dreamed of after all . .

My Review:
All of Me is an exploration of healing wounds left behind by a persons past, exploring faith and suspending your beliefs to open yourself to the possibility of happiness. I didn't feel All of Me was really a book of romance because it felt more like a persons debate with their ghosts in hopes of being able to see past the things that kept them in a funk and embracing the new phase that comes when you are able to see beyond the wall that stunts your ability to ""grow""
The relationship between Alec and Faith is one that came across more as a therapists with their client than it did a man and woman falling in love but it was interesting none the less.

My Rating:
3 Stars

Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley