Moondance Beach: A Bayberry Island Novel

Moondance Beach: A Bayberry Island Novel - Susan Donovan Moondance Beach (Bayberry Island #3)by Susan Donovan

Duncan Flynn long ago said goodbye to his hometown of Bayberry Island, Massachusetts, where a mermaid statue allegedly grants true love to the pure at heart. So when the injured Navy SEAL gets sent home—just in time to help his family prepare for the annual Mermaid Festival—he’s not in the mood to celebrate. Nor fall in love. But during a night run on the beach, a magnificently naked woman emerges from the surf who bears an uncanny resemblance to the mermaid in Fountain Square.
Adelena Silva’s otherworldly mermaid paintings have made her famous and wealthy, but Lena herself is a recluse—at least until Duncan Flynn comes home. She’s secretly loved him her whole life, and is determined not to let him get away again. But will revealing her truth win his heart, or cause Lena to lose him?

My Review:
I really really loved Moondance Beach... Although I do have to say there were times I wanted to slap some sense into both Lena and Duncan I was longing for them to find their way into the ""wake up"" moment together. Lena was a person that touched me in a personal way and her plight touched me. I know what its like to be that forgotten person that pined after someone that longed forgot me. Its sad and its heartbreaking, but in Lena's position it makes it worse when the female is fighting to convince the male to love her in return. That's the plight we find her struggling with in Moondance Beach. Although I felt bad for her I couldn't help but cheer for her. I wanted her to get her happy ending. I love all the little ins and outs of their small town I loved it all. Moondance Beach was a beautiful story I enjoyed from beginning to end.

My Rating:
5 Stars

Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley