The Boyfriend List

The Boyfriend List - Jeannie Moon

The Boyfriend List (Forever Love #5) by Jeannie Moon

Jenna Albanese planned it all out at thirteen when she listed the qualities she wanted in her perfect man. Years later, she thought she’d found him. When all she got was a broken heart, Jenna tucked away the boyfriend list—and her belief in happy ever after.
Nate Bayard has a life most people only dream of—he’s a handsome high-caliber polo player and partner in a multibillion dollar business. But as intelligent and confident as he is on the field and in the boardroom, he’s hopeless with women—until he meets the sweet and funny Jenna. She’s just about perfect, and Nate’s determined to make her his. There’s just one little problem. Jenna’s unwelcome past is about to make a comeback.
For Jenna, overcoming her mistrust in men—particularly rich ones—isn’t going to be easy. Then she comes across that old boyfriend list and realizes that maybe it’s time for another look and a few changes to bring a brand new beat to her romantic heart.

My Review:
The Boyfriend List is a kind of cutesy Contemp Romance that brings you back to the starting line in the love world. Often times as kids we have great dreams and ideas about what love is supposed to be like, it hasn't been jaded by life's less than stellar experiences. Those lessons we learn as we age can often change our outlook on love and the game men and women play when it comes to relationships. The Boyfriend List is a reminder of those ideas and that sometimes to find love is gaining back that purity.
The Boyfriend List can be read a part of the series or alone, I'd recommend all of Jeannie Moon's writings. The Forever Love series is fantastic!

My Rating:
4 Stars

Reviewed By: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from the author