Veils of Silk

Veils of Silk - Mary Jo Putney Veils of Silk (Silk Trilogy #3) by Mary Jo Putney

After years of captivity in western Asia, a courageous army major finds hope for the future in a bold woman who dares to accept his marriage proposal, shed her Victorian propriety-and unleash a sensual nature that will set him on fire.

My Review:
Veils of Silk was a sort of opposite side of the track kind of story with that culture induced interference running between our h/h, she's the sweet and innocent and he's everything that's flawed and broken. Her innocence appeals to him, who they are becomes more of a root of convenience for the both of them even with the underlining attraction building up. It was interesting to see Putney's take on culture related issues and how life experiences can interfere with who a person is.

My Rating:
3 Stars

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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews