The Marriage Spell

The Marriage Spell - Mary Jo Putney The Marriage Spell (Stone Saints #1)by Mary Jo Putney

One of the Duke of Wellington’s most respected officers, Jack Langdon, Lord Frayne, takes his family’s honor very seriously. He also hides a shameful secret: a talent for sorcery he has been raised to suppress and openly reject. But after an injury lands Jack at death’s door, his only chance at survival lies with Abigail Barton, a peer’s daughter and a skilled wizard. Her price: Jack’s hand in marriage. It isn’t long before Jack feels an irresistible attraction to his forthright new wife, whose allure is as intense as the reawakening magical abilities he can no longer deny.
Abigail had to make a great sacrifice to perform a spell powerful enough to save Lord Frayne, and although she cannot help but be drawn to her reluctant husband’s surprising sensitivity and kindness, she knows all too well his distaste for magic. Once she has Jack’s name and the child she has always longed for, she is determined to live apart from him so that he can preserve his reputation–and so that she herself can stay true to her gifts.
But neither Abby nor Jack reckons on the deep, long-simmering passions her spell ignites. They challenge each other’s extraordinary powers and deepest desires for the sake of a love that may cost them all they cherish most.

My Review:
This a Magical story that Putney totally gets right. She created the perfect flower. I seriously loved The Marriage Spell. I felt for Jack and I adored Abby. I loved her reasons for loving him and I loved that it wasn't a bond out of manipulation through the magic but one that was honestly created through their attraction. Even with all the sadness, heartache, and all the trauma Jack was an amazing person who was able to find solace despite being lost and was able to reach past the judgements that had been ingrained in him and recognize the solace and healing Abby provided. This wounded man and this lady of magic stole my heart. I loved the Marriage Spell, I hope that Putney writes more stories like this in the future.

My Rating:
5 Stars

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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews