The Rescued: Keepers of the Promise, Book Two

The Rescued: Keepers of the Promise, Book Two - Marta Perry The Rescued: Keepers of the Promise, Book Two (Keepers of the Promise #2)by Marta Perry

In modern day central Pennsylvania, Judith Wegler tries to heal the growing rift between her husband, Isaac, and his teenage brother Joseph—whom Judith and Isaac have raised as their own ever since both brothers lost their parents and siblings in a horrific fire. Meanwhile, Isaac’s hurtful silence about this tragic past has robbed Judith of any certainty of her husband’s love.
But when Judith’s grandmother gifts her with an antique study table, she discovers a hidden packet of letters that changes her life.
In 1953, widow Mattie Lapp fights against the county’s attempts to force Amish children to attend a consolidated public school, even if it means arrest and imprisonment. Mattie knows she can’t face this challenge alone, and turns to her late husband’s cousin Adam for help, but she’s terrified at the prospect of relying on someone else.

My Review:
I don't have a solid reference in Amish culture but it comes across as very staunch and very judgmental toward anything except themselves. The author has solid writing skills and has created a decent story but I had a difficult time feeling a kinship toward the characters but I wanted to shake them and open their minds. God or whatever greater power there is would not want them to be so closed off from the world. I found it difficult to enjoy the story because I just felt sad through the whole thing. This closed off world these men and women are locked in are so sad. I have nothing against their way of life remaining pure and innocent away from the frightening realities in the world even in the past but there is also so much beauty they miss out on. On the other hand I can understand the Amish wanting to keep and maintain their pure communities not wanting them to mix, but in a strange way again I felt sorry for them because its like all the segregation issues that have come up in history and in various cultures in the world. The Rescued is political, its religious, its ethical, and heavily emotional.

My Rating:
2 Stars

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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.