Desperado - Lisa Bingham

Desperado (Taggart Brothers #1)by Lisa Bingham

Elam Taggart knows about the nickname town gossips have given him: Desperado. He doesn’t care. He’s lost just about everything: his wife, his parents, his little sister, and his career as a Navy EOD specialist. After returning home, he hightails it to the rugged Wasatch Mountains outside town.
But when his brother comes asking for help, Elam can’t say no. That is, until Elam realizes that in order to help, he’ll be forced to spend time with town newcomer P.D. Raines. P.D. knows that asking Elam Taggart to be her partner in the town’s upcoming Wild West Games is a mistake. But she needs the prize money, and Elam is lean, hard, and tortured—a dangerous combination she can’t seem to resist.
As the competition heats up—to the point of peril—Elam and P.D. have to turn away from the past and embrace the passion that sparks between them in order to escape the threat to their lives.

My Review:
Western thrillers always crack me up because they don't seem to know what it is they're trying to be. Desperado had so many "things" going on that it was difficult to keep up sometimes because I wasn't sure which drama or issue was being dealt with and at any given time it was the mystery, the sexy, the clouded pasts, history, PTSD, emotional inadequacies, tension, obligation, and so on... It didn't take away from the fact that once Elam and PD were together it was mostly escape sex that brought them together. Two broken people leaning on one another to get through another day seemed a tad much but in the end I think it was just enough to see that sometimes it takes someone equal to the devastation of their partners to really mesh. All the broken drama and psychological damage aside Desperado was a decent and enjoyable read.

My Rating:
3 Stars

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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.