Crazy For the Cowboy

Crazy For the Cowboy - Vicki Lewis Thompson Crazy For the Cowboy (Sexy Texans #1)by Vicki Lewis Thompson

When Vince Durant left Bickford, Texas, he was a rowdy cowboy just looking for a good time. He also left unfinished business. He hadn’t captured the Ghost, a wild stallion that roams the hills, and he never convinced Georgina Bickford to go out with him. Georgie might be a lost cause, but the Ghost has been calling his name ever since....
When Vince returns to Bickford, he finds his old stomping ground a shell of what it used to be, and Georgie still wants nothing to do with him. To her, he’ll always be the womanizing cowboy she knew seven years ago.
And when Vince comes up with a plan that might restore Bickford to its former glory, Georgie wonders if the rough-and-tough cowboy has truly changed. As they get closer, Georgie will have to decide whether to resist Vince’s charm or to attempt to tame the wild stallion who’s stolen her heart.

My Review:
It wasn't sexy cowboy hot but it was sweet in that homey finding yourself again in the company of your lost love kind of way. Sometimes I like that re-discovering your past and past emotions when it catches up with your current self. Sometimes you never know when the person of your dreams is standing right in front of you or if they once slipped right through your fingers. The best part of reunion stories - which I'm mostly partial to anyway is that you get to find out if things really would have worked out.

My Rating:
4 Stars

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Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews

Note: I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.