Too Dangerous For a Lady

Too Dangerous For a Lady - Jo Beverley Lady Hermione Merryhew, daughter of an impoverished marquess, already has her share of problems. The last thing she needs is an intruder in her bedroom, especially not a fugitive thief. She should scream, but the shabby rascal is a man from her past.

Six years ago, at her first ball, dashing Lieutenant Mark Thayne failed to steal a kiss, but succeeded in stealing a little of her heart. She's older and wiser now. She can't toss him to the wolves. Besides, she wants that kiss.

Now Viscount Faringay, Mark has never forgotten Lady Hermione, but he mustn't involve her in his dangerous life. He's infiltrated the Crimson Band, violent revolutionaries who plan a bloodbath in London, and if he survives the night he will be able to destroy them. Hermione is involved, however, and only he can protect her.

My Review:
Too Dangerous For A Lady has a lot of political static through the story and mostly its the hardships and the world that is explored and less of the relationship that really takes center stage. The characters have a decent amount of personality but overall the story itself didn't really feel like a romance. However I have to admit that Jo has written it very well and researched and has done the time justice. She's written it very well I just didn't get the hugs and smooches vibe that most Regent Romances typically have.

My Rating:
3 Stars

I received a print copy in exchange for an honest review from Berkley.