A Virtuous Ruby

A Virtuous Ruby - Piper Huguley

I received a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Samhain.

First off I thought this book had a beautiful cover. Great cover art is always a win in my book so pluses for that. Second, A Virtuous Ruby is emotional, its gripping and its adventurous. The fear and the worry are real and they have genuine connections to history.
Ruby is a character you can really empathize with as she struggles to learn her way through the politics surrounding her world and the journey that takes her heart into some very sad places.
There are some tear-jerker moments, and there are some edge of your seat moments that Miss Piper writes very well
A Virtuous Ruby is an emotional book that kept me going all the way to the end.
I felt for ruby, I wanted to protect her, I wanted to befriend her. She's a wonderful character with a lot of heart I wanted to rescue and assure but she remained strong through the worst of it and that wins a big cheer from me.