The Skypirate

The Skypirate - Justine Davis I recieved a digital copy in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley and Bell Bridge.

The Skypirate is a story that in my mind predated paranormal romance before it became such a huge trend. Justine has always been a strong writer and I have always loved her books. I am glad to see Skypirate get a new cover and see it get rebirthed because its always been one of my favorites.
Skypirate is the second book in the Coalition series and I would suggest starting at the beginning with the first book even though it could stand on its own and be read alone I do feel there is information that has certain background information that connect to this installment as well.
This is a romance that holds you close and takes its time to bloom in your heart. Its not like the romance of today that is rushed and quick flick instant connection and gratification. I The Skypirate is a story to take your time enjoying and savoring.