The Darkest Craving

The Darkest Craving - Gena Showalter Another epic fail from Gena Showalter.

If I could give less than a star I would, however you can't so I'll leave it at one. I would give it five stars for the plain ruination of a kick ass series and a character I have anticipated reading about for several books.
Maybe I should start rating her work on how well she destroyed her book instead?
Even if I was completely drunk off my ass I wouldn't be able to get into this story.
Gena has either forgotten how to write a story or she just doesn't give two cents about it anymore.
Either way, the story is horrible, the plot is horrendous, the character building is even worse.
She didn't bother giving background information, she doesn't allow the reader to invest in anything - at all.
The entire plot was flat, I mean seriously, you wouldn't believe it unless you opened the first chapters and saw the major gaps in the story.
With all the lacking plot, character building, lack in personality for all of the characters, Gena attempts to over compensate by adding overly sarcastic conversations that are completely pointless to what is going on in the story. She didn't let the reader experience what Kane went through in hell, she exchanged sex scenes for more sarcasm and bullying from lack luster characters except when she actually referred to Kane's penis as an "it" much like a twelve year old would but hey, since religious fanatics can't use the word penis that's all she could come up with right? What happened to her creativity? Gone out the window! Gena gave up strong lead characters for useless ones that the reader can't invest in - again, at all.
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I used to be so happy when I read Gena's books that I would RSVP a year before they even hit the bookshelves, now when I read her work all I want to do is one of these numbers
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Gena wastes her time and her readers time trying to write a story that no longer has any heart or soul in it, and no longer has the investment she used to put into it.
Its like she is writing books now just to get them done and out of the way and couldn't care less about what used to be something great.

Suggestion: Gena needs to pass her work on to someone else that can salvage what she is destroying.

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