The Arrangement

The Arrangement - Mary Balogh
Wounded hero's that get the chance to find both love and healing is one of the best stories to read.
The Survivors Club - The Arrangement is the second book in the series surrounding a cast of characters affected by the Peninsular War.
Vincent, a wounded survivor returns home to his scheming family, tired of all their fussing over him so he attempts to get away only to run into more of the same by his community.
When a local girl gets wind of him in town she tries to bait him into a marriage deal only to be curbed by her cousin.
As punishment Sophia is tossed out on her rear.
When word gets back to Vincent about what happened he quite literally comes to her rescue.
Vincent and Sophia are wonderful for each other, both able to complete what the other lacks and able to embrace the qualities the other has in their own way (with quite a few laughs thrown in the mix) The Arrangement is a wonderful heart warming read.